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2020 Vision…A Chance for Greatness



By Keeana Barber and AC Green

Recently the question was asked by AC Green, ‘do you have the ability to change your future?  Although the consensus was yes, the how was what made the room quiet.  

Most of us understand that we ultimately control our fate.  How our lives play out has less to do with geography and capacity and much more to do with what we believe we can achieve. This is a very critical concept as we enter the year 2020.  My favorite quote is, you become not only what you believe but what you can see. So with a new decade ahead of us and the world at our fingertips, how can we change our perspective to see the opportunity for greatness that lies ahead?

Clarity of Vision/Focus – See yourself there and work backwards.  One of my favorite exercises my business coach Dr. Sakira Jackson showed me was to create a ‘vivid vision’ of where I wanted to be.  Now when I say vivid, I mean vivid. Write down your goal and then write out a vision of what that looks like in detail. Where are you?  How does the room look? Who’s around you when you finally make that dream come true. It sounds crazy but I wrote out a vivid vision 2 years before WDB moved into our new offices and if I read it to you now it would be like I was drawing my entire office as it currently appears.  Before I wrote out the vision, I wanted it, I believed in it, but I couldn’t see it. Once I saw it, it was mine’s for the taking. Write out your goals for your future and create a vision for it so clear you can touch it. You have to see where you are going so you can understand why the fight will be worth it.  

Surroundings – Watch who is in your circle. There is a famous quote that says every relationship is either an asset or a liability, meaning they are either bringing you value or taking away value.  Take an honest look at the relationships you have and whether they are bringing out the best in you, inspiring you or helping you grow as a person or are they pushing you in the opposite direction. If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, then people in your network should be moving in that direction as well.  Want to get healthier, make sure you have friends who are pushing along the same path. Those going in the same direction will help nurture your growth. Consider your goals like a newborn baby, it is in a constant fragile state, it must be properly nourished and protected to survive. 

Self-Reflection.  Change your habits.  Your habits are who you are. Take a deep reflection on what your habits may be causing you. Do you never have enough time in the day?  Take a week to write down all of the things that sum up the day, in detail. How long you slept, phone time (your phone has a natural setting to tell you your screen time every day), what did you do at work.  You would be surprised at how much time you do unnecessary things and push the necessary saying that you don’t have enough time. Be honest about the bad habits you have, we all have them, but what are those bad habits prohibiting you from doing?  Can you? Every level requires a different you, so you must take the time to reflect on your current actions.  

Create a plan. I understand, creating a plan can seem intimidating but it a must. Write out the vivid vision. Create a list of relationships that are going in the same direction as you and surround yourself with them more, or find new relationships.  Finally, create a list of habits that you know are holding you back and begin to attack them one by one. Change is not easy, but you must be more focused on the outcome than the challenges ahead so keep the faith and keep moving.  In the famous words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Here’s to your Decade of Greatness! 


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