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The People Strategy: How to be Effective in the Media



By A. C Green

In December 2008, I was approached with the idea of doing a radio show. I had never hosted a radio show in my life, so I really didn’t know where to start. As a marketing professional, I had booked my clients on radio shows, I had written jingles and commercials that aired on radio stations and I had certainly coached people, like Mayor Richard Daley and Dorothy Brown, on how to craft their message in radio commercials, but I had never sat behind the microphone to do it myself.  So after about a half a second of doubt, I summoned my creative energy, pushed past the feeling of inadequacy and thought about my central focus…PEOPLE!

You see, I would always teach my clients and those I coached, to only consider your audience when you are communicating. There is a tendency to think about our own likes, dislikes, etc. but your audience will have a value ear.  What brings your audience value is what they are likely going to stay and listen to.  So I did a little self-coaching, and I began setting up to do my first radio show.  

The people dynamic is crucial when it comes to communicating.  So, when you get your opportunity to do a radio interview, never forget the people dynamic. Here are 3 things to always remember when you are communicating your thoughts on the radio:

  • Always speak intentionally
  • Talk in soundbites
  • Weave your call to action into your narrative

Radio is not television, of course.  The audience cannot see you, so you must speak intentionally. I have a kitchen table approach. Imagine you are sitting at the kitchen table with others who are in a conversation. You will speak intentionally to get your point heard, you will talk in soundbites to get in and out of the way of the next person trying to make a point, and you would weave your call to action into your narrative or get in quickly your central point while you are working to make your overall point.  

Attention spans are short these days, so remember the people listening to the radio have many other options.  So, make your point concise, quick and brings value with every word.

A. C Green

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