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Master P and Romeo Talk Generational Wealth



Master P may be making headlines for his reunion tour but the conversation we should be having us about him as a visionary in the business world for 20+ years. What is most admirable about P as an entrepreneur is his ability to recognize a void in the marketplace. From Rap Snacks to Rap Noodles, Master P is creating new streams of revenue where others have been afraid to venture into and it’s producing MILLIONS IN PROFIT! This is how you do business!

Generational wealth is probably the hardest thing to keep up with. Most people know how to get money, but they don’t know how to hold on to it. Even if you fall off. Some of the biggest billionaires I know they lost millions and they had to start over. But you learn it’s not a loss it’s a lesson and when you fall down you have to get back up. People are afraid of that because that look like us as soon as something happens negative, we laugh at each other. We make fun of each other. A lot of other cultures lose business and fall off but somebody is there to help them up or they figure it out on their own. Life puts you through certain struggles and pains so you can get to the path. I didn’t have big companies behind me, but I had a great team. The things I didn’t know they know. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world but go get smart people and put them on your team. 20 years ago, we told people about rap snacks and nobody believed me. Everybody has a dream and a goal, chase it.

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